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Bidding Process

Building a successful construction project requires a dedicated approach by everyone involved. To improve our teamwork we have developed an informative and interactive program entitled, "Bidding with W.M. Jordan Company." This is how we get to know each other, build relationships and improve communication. We coach you through our preconstruction processes, answer any questions you may have, gain valuable feedback, and learn how to best help you succeed.

Bidding Process

  1. You are more than welcome to provide a proposal on any project you're comfortable with in performing and want to be a part of. All of our upcoming projects and documents are available on our Bid Schedule, so please check in often or bookmark it - it's updated daily.
  2. Plans and specs are also available to view in our Newport News and Richmond offices.
  3. Online Plans Room. This system grants users the ability to view project descriptions, project status, contact information and bid documents online. It is our way of keeping potential suppliers and subcontractors actively involved in our many opportunities. Register free of charge using our Quick Start Guide. View the tutorial at https://support.smartbidnet.com/entries/511052-subcontractor-training-webinar-held-on-3-25-11.
  4. Contact the project estimator to let them know your intent to submit a bid. They look forward to your communication and will respond to your questions at any point during the bid process.
  5. Submit your bid by email or fax to the appropriate office.
  6. Follow up with the estimator for the bid results.

W.M. Jordan thanks you for your partnership and we wish you great success.

Bid Contact Information


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