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Celebrating Women in Construction Week 2019

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Celebrating Women in Construction Week 2019


This week, March 4 – 8, W.M. Jordan joins the National Association of Women in Construction in celebrating Women in Construction Week. We take this week to recognize not only our amazing team of women at WMJ, but all women in the construction field and their accomplishments.

“We have some of the most amazing women on our team,” said W.M. Jordan President Ron Lauster. “I cannot say enough about their accomplishments, and the value they bring to not only our clients, but to the WMJ family. They are fearless when it comes to any project or task, and their energy is contagious.”

The construction industry is facing a labor shortage. With women making up only 9 percent of the work force, there is plenty of opportunity. Today, more than ever, women are set to move to the forefront of our industry. Many firms, including WMJ, have women in roles from Vice President to Project Manager and everything in between. If there is a desire to be in construction, there is more than likely a spot for you.

“It is exciting to watch more and more women enter the construction industry,” said WMJ Project Manager Kim Gibson. “From field workers to construction management, women bring passion and detail-oriented value to construction teams.”

The beauty of this industry is that it offers opportunities for people from all walks of life. From apprenticeships to college degrees, women have many choices in how they get their start.

The stereotype of the male dominated construction industry is slowly giving way to a dynamic and inclusive workforce where collaboration is key.

“In an environment not constrained by the conference room or cubicle, and no longer dominated by men, women gain professional knowledge through dynamic friendships that have been developed through communication and mutual respect for peers,” said WMJ Project Engineer Lauren Simone.

As construction demands continue to rise and more workers are needed, women have a greater opportunity to make a visible impact on their jobsites and communities. W.M. Jordan Company supports a diverse staff, and recognizes that it takes the talents of many to make a successful team.

“There is such a strong future for female leaders in the AEC industry. I have been in the industry for ten years and the number of women who have taken on leadership roles in that time frame truly inspires me,” said WMJ Marketing Manager Jennifer Johnson. “The increased visibility of women in the industry will promote the recruitment of talented women and encourage others to begin a career in construction. I am excited for the future!”

We are proud of the women on our staff and eager to watch them continue to grow as they tackle new challenges in the construction industry.