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Clint Patman

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Clint Patman


Clint Patman
Project Superintendent

My story: My wife and I met in high school where we had our first kid while we were still in school. This was very hard, but we buckled up and toughed it out. We had a one-bedroom apartment, and I worked a 3-11 shift while we were still in high school. I was a fearless 19 year-old young father looking for a better job, so I got started in the construction industry by pushing a broom and toting other carpenters’ nail bags. I was hungry for more, so I looked over every shoulder I could to learn more about construction. I was a Carpenter’s Foremen/Assistant Superintendent by the time I was 22 and started running project sites when I was 26. I came to W. M. Jordan in 2004 with a hard-nosed mentality. I didn’t realize there were subcontractors that actually wanted to get up and go to work for the General Contractor because of a good work environment. I thought you had to beat them down to get them to do their job. That wasn’t the case at W. M. Jordan Company. It took mentors like John Newman and Brooks Ballance at W. M. Jordan to show me there was a different way to construction.

Why I like working at W.M. Jordan Company: I like working at W. M. Jordan Company because we are given all the tools needed to be successful. We have talented people, trade partners, and a company name that holds weight. I like the waves I get just driving the company truck and the immediate validation you get when someone knows you work for W. M. Jordan Company.

My hidden talent: I don’t really have any hidden talents, but I feel I am funny, and I like for people that are around me to have a good time and laugh. I feel that even laughing about a bad or difficult situation can make a difference.

My favorite things: My favorite things are my wife and kids. My family is very important to me. I have 3 girls, all flowers, Violet 19 (VCU student), Camellia 16 (varsity field hockey & soccer), Lilly 12 (travel softball), and a son Clinton Patman II (just wild!). I also love the outdoors, fishing, hunting, and shooting. I know everyone says they are the best hunter, I am not but I truly love the outdoors and being in the woods.