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Construction Safety Week Spotlight: Bernie Taylor, Safety Manager

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Construction Safety Week Spotlight: Bernie Taylor, Safety Manager


W. M. Jordan’s commitment to safety means having a team in place to support our people in the field.

Today, we introduce you to Bernie Taylor, a lifelong Project Superintendent who recently transitioned into the role of Safety Manager.

In his 40 plus years of overseeing projects as a superintendent, Bernie was always ensuring his jobsites were as safe as possible. On his most recent job, the newly constructed NASA Measurement Systems Lab, Bernie served as one of the superintendents as well as the site safety and health officer. The project’s excellent track record for safety led Executive Vice President, Ken Taylor, to invite Bernie to join the safety team full-time.

“Ken talked to me about joining the safety department, and I was very eager to do so,” said Bernie. “Over my time as a superintendent, I got to mentor many interns and assistant superintendents. Sharing knowledge and experience, particularly on jobsite safety, with them was one of my favorite parts of the job. It made a transition into safety seem natural.”

Bernie, who is now a Board-Certified Safety Professional, says the team’s current focus is on working to achieve safety excellence with all W. M. Jordan’s trade partners.

“We do a lot of trend analysis on jobsites to try to identify issues and break the trends of non-safe practices,” said Taylor. “We engage with our trade partners to ensure they are safe when they are on a W. M. Jordan job.  The most exciting thing for me is to be an ambassador for W. M. Jordan.  Working with our trade partners and letting them know how much we care about them going home safely to their families.”

When Bernie isn’t on a WMJ jobsite, he enjoys working at his home jobsite, having made several additions to his house over the years.  He also enjoys spending time with his family, in addition to camping and fishing.

“I am excited about the future of W. M. Jordan, we are growing the right way,” said Taylor. “I am very fortunate to be in a role where I can help get people proper training to ensure we grow as safely as possible.”