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Continual Learning Creates Long Term Success

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Continual Learning Creates Long Term Success

Claire McCleery

A company that invests in its employees can expect to achieve better long-term results and higher employee morale. At W. M. Jordan Company, we believe you never stop learning. To foster this attitude, WMJ launched our Learning and Development (L&D) department in 2003.

Initially, L&D was designed to train WMJ superintendents about the basics of building and was led by WMJ subject matter experts. Eventually this evolved into multiple classes including leadership development, communications, safety and even money management.

Lead by WMJ’s Vice President of Learning and Development, Claire McCleery, our L&D team works to provide educational opportunities to WMJ employees. These can include professional development classes as well as classes that teach essential life skills.

“Learning and development is not about just how to do your job,” said McCleery. “We want our employees to not only succeed in their work but also to succeed in their lives. A well-rounded individual is a good team member and an even better person.”

WMJ works with instructors from organizations like Thomas Nelson Community College, Christopher Newport University and the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) to develop curriculum and classes that appeal to W. M. Jordan employees.

This week, W. M. Jordan joins the Association for Talent Development (ATD) as we participate in Employee Learning Week, which is the first week of December every year. WMJ is offering seminars on identity theft, conflict resolution, communication and team building.

“Employee Learning Week allows our leadership to get involved with lunch and learn sessions,” said McCleery. “It’s an opportunity to connect with employees, while also testing subjects that we may want to schedule additional seminars on. It is also a great way for us to get our employees engaged in a fun learning environment.”

It is important to develop a curriculum that interests’ employees. W. M Jordan works with our team members to schedule classes that are relevant to what they want to learn. McCleery also works with ATD and SHRM for learning  ideas and opportunities.

Looking ahead to 2020, WMJ’s L&D team has a lot planned. Expanded management training, more classes teaching soft skills like public speaking, investing, customer service, and more opportunities for WMJ leadership to coach employees to enhance their industry knowledge are just a few of the opportunities that W. M. Jordan team members will be able to take advantage of.

“We are very excited for what 2020 has in store,” said McCleery. “Continued learning is constant. We don’t want to stand still in life or at our jobs. I enjoy the opportunity to help our employee’s better themselves.”

Investing in our employees is just one-way W. M. Jordan continues our relentless pursuit of excellence. Having a strong Learning & Development team is a key tool when it comes to building the best.