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Intern Spotlight: Checking in with our CHKD Team

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Intern Spotlight: Checking in with our CHKD Team


This summer, three of our returning interns are continuing the work they started last summer, while also experiencing the excitement of completely new construction.

Libby Darden, Robbie Nye and Scott Ferguson spent last summer working on CHKD’s fourth and fifth floor renovations.  Since then, W. M. Jordan has started construction on the new CHKD Medical Tower II, giving our interns the perfect opportunity to expand the knowledge they gained last summer.

“It’s very exciting being able to see different projects in different stages, all located on the same campus. Last summer we were nearing the end of completion for a section of the fourth floor, and now, outside on the Medical Tower, we are hanging steel and pouring the slabs,” said Darden.

(L to R) Charles Arthur, Libby Darden, Robbie Nye and Scott Ferguson

“I have also been introduced to different departments throughout W. M. Jordan Company, such as the Virtual Design and Construction department. Every day is different, and I continue to learn from the talented team members involved on this project.” Robbie Nye is also learning new skills while working on the Medical Tower II project. “A major difference this summer for me has been working on the Medical Tower II project since it is new construction. I have had the opportunity to observe aspects of construction I did not see on the renovation, including the detailed site logistics coordination and the BIM coordination.”

Scott Ferguson is still focused primarily on CHKD’s fourth floor NICU renovation, but also spends time working on the renovation of the fifth floor and the Medical Tower II project. “I have really enjoyed working on the Medical Tower because it is still early in construction, setting steel and pouring slabs, that is something I have yet to experience in my past three years as an intern so it is new and exciting.”

Another benefit of returning to the same job-site is an increased role and responsibility for our interns.

CHKD- Scott, Libby, Robbie_edit

“I have also been able to be more of a problem solver than just a problem finder,” said Scott Ferguson. “This has allowed me to gain more insight into what is really needed to make a project come together as smoothly as possible.”

“As a returning intern, I have been able to take on more responsibility this summer. On the renovation side, the things I learned last summer have carried over and allowed me to anticipate some of the potential issues before they impact the schedule of the project. I know I am making a difference,” said Nye.

At W. M. Jordan Company, we take pride not only in our buildings, but in building the future talent of the construction industry. Hands on experience allows our interns to translate what they learn in the classroom to real life.  The future is bright for these three up and coming construction professionals!