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Interns of the Week

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Interns of the Week


Another Intern Thursday is here and this week we are featuring Evan Pickney from #ECU and Emma Walsh, Logan Baker and Spencer Estep from #VT.

Evan Pickney is a first-year intern working on the Tru by Hilton project in Raleigh. Evan assists with on-site work efforts while also sending submittals and creating and the operations and maintenance manuals. This hands-on experience will assist him in his efforts to become a superintendent while developing the skills needed to be a leader on the job. When he isn’t working, Evan enjoys off-roading, fishing and lacrosse.

Emma Walsh, another first-year intern, is working on the Art Museum of Colonial Williamsburg expansion project. She attends all project meetings and generates daily reports on site. This internship is allowing her to gain the real-world experience she needs to apply to her studies as a civil engineering student. When she is not on the clock, Emma enjoys spending time with her family.

Logan Baker and Spencer Estep are both first-year interns working on the Oceanfront Marriott project in Virginia Beach. While they are both on the same site they have different roles. Logan’s primary responsibility is recording the daily safety and erosion and sediment control reports. Upon graduation Logan hopes to become a project engineer. When Logan isn’t working, he enjoys boating, fishing and surfing.

Spencer is updating the working drawings every day in BlueBeam. This allows for everyone on the project team to have real time information and updates pushed to their iPads on site. Outside of work, Spencer loves fishing, playing golf and hanging out with friends.

Coming from all walks of life, our interns bring so much to the W. M. Jordan team. We can’t wait to see how they impact the construction industry and the world around us. Be sure to check in weekly to learn more about our 2018 intern class.