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John Nichols

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John Nichols

John Nichols Safety Director for Website

John Nichols
Director of Safety

As the Director of Safety, John is responsible for the development, implementation, monitoring and training of W. M. Jordan Company’s health and safety program. He understands the necessary steps needed to keep a project’s construction operating safely. His efforts firmly establish the safety and well-being of all workers as a core corporate value.

John has been in the construction industry over 28 years always holding a roll in safety. During his time with W. M. Jordan, John has served as the onsite safety and health manager for large scale jobs such as Westminster Canterbury of the Blue Ridge, Westminster Canterbury Richmond and the VCUHS Critical Care Tower.

“It brings me great satisfaction knowing that I helped make sure every man and woman made it home safely to their families after a day on the jobsite,” said John. “I also like knowing that our team was a part of something that has helped make people’s lives and our communities a better place.”

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