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Liebherr USA Co. Headquarters

Newport News, Virginia

Liebherr Mining Equipment Newport News Co.

HBA Architecture and Interior Design

251,000 square feet

W. M. Jordan Company provided pre-construction and construction management services for the Liebherr USA Co. Headquarters.

The project includes a new, 60,000 square foot, four-story office building, new, one-story, 80,000 square foot workshop and new, one-story, 80,000 square foot distribution warehouse with two guard shacks and a one-story, 7,500 square foot wash building, all adjacent to the existing Liebherr buildings in Newport News, VA. The facilities house employees who work in administration, finance, human resources, sales, information technology, marketing, product support and distribution for nine different product units under the Liebherr USA, Co. umbrella.

The expansion allows Liebherr to better serve customers across the companies divisions. The new shop is also equipped to handle the growing numbers of Liebherr earth-moving equipment. The new facility also includes a training center that will allow Liebherr to expand its offerings in relation to training in-house dealers and dealer technicians. The new warehouse also includes the latest safety features and provides a 50 percent increase in storage capacity.

The new facilities total over 251,000 square feet in addition to the company’s existing 560,000-sq.-ft. campus and are occupied by Liebherr USA, Co. Their U. S. headquarters is located on a 30-acre green site and includes high end finishes and is structurally designed for future expansion.