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ODU Goode Theater

Norfolk, Virginia

Old Dominion University

Moseley Architects

22,050 square feet

The lobby of The Goode Theatre is animated with colored lights and projected images created by the students, beckoning visitors inside to see student performances. The department produces trailers of their plays which are projected onto the north wall of the lobby so that they are visible to all passersby.

The building includes a 3,300 square foot prop shop, a 2,400 square foot sound stage and a 2,200 square foot theater. The Theatre seats 167 guests on the first floor and an additional 56 guests at the balcony level. The second floor also houses the dressing rooms and mechanical room. The project team used a 3-D Building Information Model (BIM) to review spatial relationships and to maximize the layout of the Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Suppression Systems so as not to interfere with rigging and lighting.


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