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Stayin’ Well with W. M. Jordan Company

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Stayin’ Well with W. M. Jordan Company


With gyms closed and social distancing in effect, maintaining a normal health and wellness schedule can seem impossible! Fortunately for the WMJ team, our Wellness Director, Julie Dixon, has put together the ‘Stayin’ Well Program at WMJ’!

The goal of the Stayin’ Well Program is for the WMJ team to stay connected, stay fit and stay on track with their health goals. Participants check in with Julie at least four times a week. Each day you check in with Julie, she gives you a four task, assignment checklist for that day. Tasks can range from a physical activity such as push-ups and planks to wellness activities such as eating a certain type of food that day or making sure to get outside and get some sun. Completing these tasks earns you points and as always Julie is available for personal coaching along the way.

Additionally, Julie asks participants to reflect on how completing their wellness assignments makes them feel, and if they want some extra points, they can submit a picture to Julie of their progress.

Employee wellness is an important part of the WMJ Culture. We encourage everyone to develop a good health and wellness routine and keep Stayin’ Well!