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Tatiana Baines

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Tatiana Baines


Tatiana Baines
IT Support Engineer

My story: I was born in Brazil and moved to San Diego when I was about 10. Marrying military brought me to the East Coast where I finally ended up in Suffolk, VA. I have served in the Air Force Reserves since 2010. focusing on Knowledge management and SharePoint Administration. I was about to start working supporting the Coast Guard’s Knowledge Management office focused on SharePoint Administration, when I was asked to interview with W.M. Jordan, and the rest is history!

Why I like working at W.M. Jordan Company: I really enjoy working with great, interesting, quirky people. I’m constantly learning something new. I enjoy challenging others and find myself frequently challenged – it’s awesome! I appreciate that Johnny and W.M. Jordan value and support employees with programs focused on employee growth and development.

My hidden talent: I enjoy classical music, and playing the piano when I can. I am also known as the Swiss Army mom/wife as I can multi-task using my feet and toes to pull in hand duty!

My favorite things: Nothing in the world can touch how much I adore my family. I am such a proud Mom and take every opportunity to show off my kids. I also adore my macho other half who can keep up with me. Outside of my family, I also love technology and playing with new toys – bring on the computers and tablets!