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WIC Week 2021 Spotlight: Vice President of Learning and Development Claire McCleery

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WIC Week 2021 Spotlight: Vice President of Learning and Development Claire McCleery


Today’s WIC Week Focus introduces Claire McCleery, W. M. Jordan’s Vice President of Learning and Development. Claire is also a member of the W. M. Jordan’s Board of Directors.

Claire has been at WMJ for almost 30 years and has over 45 years of experience in management and training. In that time, she has seen a lot of changes and a lot of progress.

Claire started at WMJ as a Project Administrator at a job for CHKD and eventually transitioned to the role of Training and Development manager.

Claire’s new role put her in charge of WMJ’s administrative team, one of her favorite roles here.

“I love working with the administrative team,” said Claire. “Working with them allows me to help them grow. I have had that opportunity in many of my roles here, with my team as well as running our Learning and Development program and even working with the interns.  Watching people grow and take advantage of the opportunities we provide has been extremely rewarding.”

Claire believes the future for women in construction is a bright one. She also feels that everyone must be willing to take some risks along the way to have success.

“Women will continue to thrive in this industry. Companies today are more diverse than ever, even in the last three years the number of women on Board of Directors Groups I am a part of has grown.  We have such a supportive team at WMJ, and I am proud to be a part of that. It is also important to take risks to advance your career no matter who you are!”

30 years in, and Claire still loves her job. She cites the support she has gotten from the W. M. Jordan Leadership as a major reason for her success.  Her favorite part working in construction? Seeing the results of all the hard work each day on her drive home.

“There is nothing like leaving for the day, and on my way home seeing a building our team has completed. Our job is to take care of our clients, and the energy and passion our team brings to work each day can’t be beat!”

Claire’s leadership and guidance have been a major asset as W. M. Jordan has continued to build and expand over the years. We thank her for her dedication to the Relentless Pursuit of Excellence!