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Raynald Morris

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Raynald Morris


Raynald W. Morris
Chief Information Officer

Raynald is a visionary leader who understands the value and efficiencies that technology brings to our business. For 32 years, associates have relied on Raynald’s analytical, innovative thinking to solve problems and implement technologies and tools that benefit projects. From improving communication methods to streamlining processes and adding efficiency, Raynald places the right tools in the right hands to save time and money.

As chief information officer, Raynald oversees the Enterprise Technology (ET) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) departments. He is responsible for the research, analysis, testing, selection, budgeting, deployment and management of all technology, software and hardware systems for the firm. He also manages the ET and VDC staff, external consultants, and corporate technological capital resources company-wide.

Raynald studied mechanical engineering at Old Dominion University and innovative technology use at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and Design School. He is also an FAA certified UAV pilot.  With his deep understanding of technology, Raynald has presented for many audiences including USACE, NAVFAC, AGC, educational institutions and many construction related panels, forums and events on the use of technology in the construction industry.  He continues to drive the innovative use of technology by sitting on construction related boards/committees and contributes to many publications.

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