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Andrew Chafin

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Andrew Chafin


Andrew Chafin
Director of Enterprise Technology

Andrew has been with W. M. Jordan Company since the age of 19. Starting off as a shop assistant, he quickly showed that he had a lot of potential to make a difference to the team at WMJ.  Soon, Andrew was managing W. M. Jordan’s heavy equipment, including cranes, generators, trucks and jackhammers. His keen eye for organization and efficiency helped transform how W. M. Jordan managed its internal equipment.

Andrew’s work ethic and innovative ideas got him noticed by WMJ’s newly established Enterprise Technology department, where he joined the team as an Enterprise Technology Support Engineer, eventually becoming the Help Desk Manager. In 2021 Andrew was promoted to Director of Enterprise Technology.

Andrew uses his skills and experience to assist the W. M. Jordan Team with their technology needs – from the offices to remote jobsites, Andrew helps keep WMJ connected.

“My favorite part of my job is problem solving and collaborating with my team,’ said Andrew. “I get to help the rest of the company get their job done, which is very rewarding. I also really enjoy getting to see the rapidly changing technology of the construction industry.”

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