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WMJ Wellness Update: The Sidekick Challenge

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WMJ Wellness Update: The Sidekick Challenge


The W. M. Jordan team is fresh off another wellness challenge, one where everyone who participated was a winner!

WMJ Wellness Director, Julie Dixon, introduced The Sidekick Challenge over the summer and had an impressive turnout of participants! 66 people signed up to work as two-person teams, tracking and logging their daily physical activity as they worked toward getting at least 22 minutes of daily, moderate intensity level exercise – the minimum recommendation for daily activity by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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“The challenge definitely helped kick start me back into my workout and nutrition routine, and it was a lot of fun having a common goal with the rest of the Richmond Estimating team,” said Estimating Administrator, Patty Newcomb. “Keeping each other motivated and accountable definitely helped build our relationship as a team.”

“The sidekick challenge, like all of the WMJ fitness challenges, makes me more motivated to be more active. When I initially read about the challenge I thought, ‘only 22 minutes? who can’t give up 22 minutes?’; and I soon realized that it’s not that easy. It took scheduling the time and doing it!  It definitely kick-started me walking again and I have hit my goal of 10K steps a day ever since,” said Project Administrator, Kelly Felletter

Walking Wednesdays returned to promote weekly physical activity, a great way to build comradery in the WMJ offices and get some fresh air.

‘Winners’ of the Sidekick Challenge received a t-shirt as well as shout-outs in the weekly W. M. Jordan Health Builder newsletter.

Congratulations to everyone who successfully completed the 2021 Sidekick Challenge! Stay tuned for the next fitness challenge and updates from WMJ!