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Jerry Winegar, LEED GA

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Jerry Winegar, LEED GA


Jerry Winegar, LEED GA
Project Manager

My story: I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and joined the Marine Corps at 17 years old. After the Marine Corps, I stayed in North Carolina and went to East Carolina University. When I got there, I didn’t really understand a lot of the fields that the course catalog offered. My grandfather was a steel erector and my father was a draftsman, so I understood what construction was and chose Construction Management. I’m the first generation male in my family to graduate from college.

Some of the highlights of my career have been building schools and educational facilities. All buildings have a purpose and lifespan, but schools really affect people’s lives and well-being. I began my career at Hess Construction in DC, but I loved North Carolina, so I returned to work for John S. Clark Construction. When John S. Clark closed their doors in 2012, I had dinner with Ken and Rob from W.M. Jordan, which developed into a job opportunity. I was nervous because I thought I might need to leave Wilmington, but instead, I was asked to join the Wilmington office and help develop W.M. Jordan’s outreach in this region.

Why I like working at W.M. Jordan Company: What initially struck me, was how long most people have worked at W.M. Jordan. I was very impressed with the idea that people can spend their whole career at one company. Upper management is very approachable – they know your name and are open to and encourage you to discuss new ideas.

My hidden talent: I’m a world-class surfer (in my opinion.)

My favorite things: I like music, I love my family, I like to exercise, and I love to surf.