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WIC Week 2024 Spotlight: Morgan Holcomb

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WIC Week 2024 Spotlight: Morgan Holcomb

Morgan Graphic Long

When Morgan Holcomb first joined W. M. Jordan Company in mid-2022, construction was completely new to her.

“There was so much to learn when I first started,” said Holcomb. “It has been a whirlwind year and a half so far, but I have had some amazing people supporting me along the way and helping me grow as a construction professional.”

Born and raised in Piedmont, South Carolina, Morgan graduated from Anderson University with a degree in graphic design in 2016. After graduating, Morgan put her degree to good use, working as a design artist for a local commercial sign company. Morgan then moved into a local economic development role where she connected with WMJ and eventually joined our marketing team, becoming our first marketing coordinator in our Greenville, South Carolina office.

“It has been awesome to have such a supportive team here in Greenville,” said Morgan.  “In addition to everyone on the team here that has welcomed me with open arms, it has been amazing to work with so many strong women on W. M. Jordan’s marketing team!”

Holcomb credits W. M. Jordan’s Director of Marketing, Jennifer Johnson, with her growth as a construction and marketing professional since she joined.

“I have to give a huge shoutout to Jennifer Johnson. She is such an amazing mentor and really cares about me not as just an employee but as a person too.”

Now that she has some experience under her belt in the construction industry, Morgan has a unique perspective on what motivates her to continue to improve.

“I am a super competitive person,” said Morgan. “This may sound odd, but I love the fact that my job is to show off how great of a company W. M. Jordan is. We compete against other firms to win business, so you always must be on your A Game.”

Morgan has noticed that more and more women are finding roles in the construction industry, something that she loves to see.

“I have noticed since I started here that working with women in various roles of construction is more and more the norm than the exception,” she said. “We recently attended Clemson’s construction career fair where it was amazing to see the amount of women looking to enter the construction workforce!”

We look forward to seeing Morgan’s continued growth as a construction professional and key member of W. M. Jordan’s South Carolina team!