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WIC Week 2024 Spotlight: Logan Forrest

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WIC Week 2024 Spotlight: Logan Forrest

Logan Forrest WIC Week Spotlight Graphic

Lifelong learning has always been a core value of W. M. Jordan Company. Our Learning and Development Department (L & D) is tasked with ensuring our employees have resources they need to continue to grow both professionally and personally.  Learning and Development Coordinator, Logan Forrest works to make sure our team’s training and certifications are up to date while also working with outside organizations to teach our employees life skills like budgeting, financial planning, and communication skills.

Logan joined W. M. Jordan Company in 2019 as an assistant to former Vice President of L & D, Claire McCleery. After two years of working in L& D, Logan expanded her construction knowledge by working as a Project Administrator for our team at the Newport News Shipyard, where she worked until Claire’s retirement.

“I enjoyed working at the shipyard and got to learn a lot more about the construction process,” said Logan. “When Claire retired, I had the unique opportunity to return to where I started at W. M. Jordan and help continue Claire’s vision for our Learning and Development Department.”

Logan has enjoyed getting experience in both field operations and the behind-the-scenes operations that keep W. M. Jordan running smoothly.

“I have a lot of appreciation for what all goes into a successful project,” said Logan. “Being in the field and the office, I got to see the huge amount of teamwork that goes into our projects.

From operations and the project team to estimating, accounting and even marketing, it is very cool to see how many people it takes to bring a job to life.”

In addition to Claire’s mentorship and guidance, Logan also gives credit to W. M. Jordan’s Employee Engagement Manager, Sydney Galoozis, as being an inspiration for women across the company.

“Sydney has done an amazing job of making an impact at W. M. Jordan at a young age. She is someone I look up to and am inspired by.”

Logan is excited to continue W. M. Jordan’s tradition of Learning and Development excellence while also helping the program keep pace with the company’s growth.

“Obviously we want to continue all of the great programs that Claire has set up to help our employees,” said Logan, “but we are also looking forward to Learning and Development evolving alongside W. M. Jordan as we continue to expand.”

We look forward to watching Logan’s continued growth at W. M. Jordan!