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W. M. Jordan Company continues to support the Hampton Roads Region

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W. M. Jordan Company continues to support the Hampton Roads Region


W. M. Jordan Company is proud to announce that Vice President of Business Development, Glenn Thompson, has been selected as a member of The CIVIC Leadership Institute’s Class of 2020.

CIVIC works to connect executive leaders through service to improve life in Hampton Roads. The CIVIC Executive Program is an eight-month endeavor, where participants have monthly sessions across the region. These sessions are guided by leaders who are involved in the region’s government, businesses, economy, defense, education, transportation and other aspects of business and life in Hampton Roads.

“My goal, and I think the goal of the organization, is to get a good group of people together, and for us to learn how to be good stewards of the community,” said Thompson.


Glenn Thompson

The CIVIC Leadership Program teaches community ‘basics’ like how to run for office, what goes into being on a board of directors, supporting community events and initiatives, and how to get their businesses involved to help make a difference.

The CIVIC Leadership Institute boasts over 900 alumni, with several W. M. Jordan Executives, including: Vice President of Development Skip Smith, CFO Jim Burnett,  Senior Vice President of Operations John Angle, President Ron Lauster and Vice President of Preconstruction Michael Daniels. John Angle now sits on CIVIC’s Board of Directors.

At WMJ, we are proud to build where we live. Participating in Hampton Roads’ CIVIC Leadership Institute continues to give us more ways to connect with and give back to the Hampton Roads community.