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W. M. Jordan Intern Experience : Kira Moore

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W. M. Jordan Intern Experience : Kira Moore


This summer we will be hearing from W. M. Jordan’s Interns as they spend time learning in the field and in the office.  Today, we hear from Kira Moore. This is Kira’s first summer working with W. M. Jordan. She will be spending the majority of her summer working on our Ferguson HQ3 Job Site.

The first thing I noticed about W. M. Jordan was the culture, the energy and that the general expectations of the company were exactly what I was searching for. Their emphasis on loyalty, family, wellness and hard work have made me feel right at home.

This summer I have been paired with an amazing project team that honestly feels like an extended family. It has only been a few weeks but I have quickly bonded with the team. Having another intern on the job with me has been a joy and a benefit. WMJ’s inclusivity has made me feel comfortable in my environment and has allowed for easier integration into the project, while leaving an open door for questions and further growth. I have learned more and seen more on this job in just a few weeks than I have in my three previous years of internships. This opportunity truly leaves me feeling grateful.

While I am completely comfortable in my current position as the project engineer intern, the WMJ leadership team has expressed that I have the autonomy to define my own experience for the summer. This gives me the ability to learn from more than just the assigned team and to have exposure to even more mentors and learning opportunities. I can’t tell you how exciting this is! To be able to see a complete picture of how this company functions is not just a fun experience, but it enhances my knowledge of the construction industry and provides a foundation that will potentially decide my career.

This is my fourth summer as an intern but my first with W. M. Jordan. Everyone I have met from the company, (which happens to be quite a lot!) are individuals that are passionate, generous and reliable. I have noticed that workers at my job site have a much better relationship with their project team than I am accustomed to. I believe this is because the team at W. M. Jordan makes everyone feel like part of a large family. Having such an amazing set of people is delightful and really makes the days go by quickly.

As for what I am looking forward to this summer? I really enjoy learning the document control under the mentorship of Megan Denietolis and John Galgan. I am also looking forward to continuing my field walks with both of my project superintendents Jeff Ambrose and Shaun Tyson. I plan on cycling through the main office regularly so I can soak up as much information as possible about everything that goes in to making a project a reality.

My experience so far has been enjoyable and informative which is really all one can ask for in an internship!


Kira studies Building Construction and is going into her senior year at Virginia Tech.