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Women in Construction Week Spotlight: Jenny Davis

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Women in Construction Week Spotlight: Jenny Davis


We wrap up Women in Construction Week 2022 with a spotlight on #WMJ Project Administrator, Jenny Davis.

A veteran of 36 years in the construction industry, Jenny has been involved with her local NAWIC Chapter (Greater Tidewater – Chapter 137) since 2004.  She served as the chapter’s president from 2012 – 2014, and is still an active member.

Construction has been a great learning experience for Jenny, something she sees more and more women experiencing as they continue to enter the workforce in larger numbers.

“I entered the industry as a receptionist, but the more I learned about project management, the more I wanted to be involved in it. I switched over to working as a Project Administrator and have loved the experience,” said Davis. “Seeing projects from start to finish, meeting and working with various trade partners, and learning from the different Project Managers I have worked with all make the job very worthwhile.

From the start of her involvement with NAWIC, Jenny realized its importance to women in the construction industry.

“NAWIC is a great resource for women who are looking to enter industry, or are looking to advance their careers,” said Davis. “We are able to talk to other women with similar experiences, learn from them and help new construction professionals make their mark on the industry. I fully believe that empowered women, empower women, and NAWIC helps make that a reality.”

Jenny’s chapter is also very active in supporting their local community. The Greater Tidewater chapter regularly works with local homeless shelters, supports community toy drives and works with ForKids, a local homeless initiative designed to find people permanent housing.

“It has been awesome to see the shift in our industry over the last few decades,” said Jenny. “There is still a long way to go, but for the first time ever, women make up more than 10 percent of the construction workforce. I see more and more women gravitating to the industry every day.”

We are proud to have such vocal advocates for Women in Construction on our team. Working with NAWIC’s local chapters gives our team members another avenue to spread awareness of opportunities in construction to women who may not have otherwise known about them.