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Employee Spotlight: Cheryl Browne

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Employee Spotlight: Cheryl Browne


Creative Brand Manager Cheryl Browne has seen and accomplished a lot in her nearly 24 years of working with the W. M. Jordan marketing team. Many of the processes and procedures in use by the marketing team today were pioneered by Cheryl – a testament to her forward thinking and creativity when it comes to marketing construction services.

Cheryl joined W. M. Jordan Company in 1999.  For the next six years, Cheryl served as the primary Marketing Coordinator out of our Newport News office, working to improve and modernize W. M. Jordan’s approach to marketing.

Cheryl quickly recognized that a database that could compile all pertinent job information and be quickly accessed was necessary. Working with Claire McCleery, the two developed  W. M. Jordan’s first online information database. This expanded to include a Customer Relationship Management tool as well as a larger database that would follow job opportunities, project history and more.  Cheryl also played a pivotal role in developing a web-based tool that helped streamline W. M. Jordan’s marketing proposal process.

“I have had the chance to help grow and refine our marketing processes and ideas,” said Browne. “I helped establish a lot of what our marketing teams do today. It’s a great feeling to see something you have worked so hard on continue to be a success.”

Cheryl was instrumental in bringing W. M. Jordan into the online world. Early W. M. Jordan websites were developed with Cheryl’s input, including her writing most of the copy and content.

As W. M. Jordan expands to more locations in Virginia and the Carolinas, Cheryl continues to guide the W. M. Jordan brand. Whether it is a photo shoot, awards submission, displays and signage for W. M. Jordan events and jobsites, Cheryl’s creative touch is sure to be found.

“One thing I like most about my job is the wide variety of things I get to do,” said Cheryl. “I am able to use my creativity in many ways. Marketing professional services is much different than product marketing, and I enjoy being able to convey what W. M. Jordan can do through story and images.”

Cheryl has also been active in both the Virginia and National chapters of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), an organization that brings marketing professionals in the architecture, engineering and construction industries together for collaboration and education.

Cheryl earned her Certified Professional Services Marketing designation through SMPS and previously served as the Virginia chapter president.  Today, she is part of the SMPS Southeastern Regional Conference Advisory Board and the SERC Planning Committee.

“The most rewarding part of my job has been working with the people at W. M. Jordan,” said Browne. “We have built a culture of excellence and caring, and that is something that I enjoy communicating to our clients as well as our employees. This is a people business, and I am proud that we have established a place where people want to come and work as part of the W. M. Jordan family.”